Statement of the Egyptian Women`s Union (EWU) Cairo 1st March 2011

Women In Egypt from all sectors of the society participated actively in January 2011 Revolution . They were killed, injured , arrested and beaten by the past regime police and gangs , they were part of every activity and committee in the revolution hand in hand with men . Their resistance in Tahrir Square day and night for 18 days played an important role in the fall of Mubarak and his regime After the success of the revolution women were excluded from the post revolution committee to change the constitution , from the temporary government and other activities done by the High Military Council and new authorities. Therefore women started to re establish their Egyptian Women`s Union , which was banned by the wife of Mubarak.


The so called First Ladies since the seventies of last century banned any unity between Egyptian women , they believed like all dictators in the principle “ Divide and Rule “ . They formed governmental women`s groups under the so called NGOs ( Non governmental associations ) which resulted in the fragmentation of the women`s liberation movement in Egypt for more than 40 years The Egyptian Revolution won because of unity , unity is power , divisions lead to weakness and subjugation , Women in Egypt , without unity , cannot be liberated , cannot protect their rights in the state and the family and cannot participate equal to men in their public and private lives.

Women in Egypt , without unity , cannot be liberated , cannot protect their rights in the state and the family and cannot participate equal to men in their public and private lives ,

Women came back from Tahrir Square and started organizing themselves with their colleges , progressive young revolutionary men , to re establish the Egyptian Women`s Union (, EWU ) , Women need unity to gain the political power needed to enforce their rights ,

Freedom , Equality , Justice and dignity were the principles of the revolution , which were not given but taken by the power of the united millions men and women .

From history we learn that women can lose their rights after the success of the revolution , since the patriarchal class laws and values are embedded in the society and needs long and tough efforts to change them ,

The Egyptian Women`s Union ( EWU ) will work hard to unite women and progressive men , to realize these immediate goals :

1 - To unite women and men from all sectors of the society who believe that women rights are human rights , that women are equal to men and are half the society and should be represented as half or at least 25 % ( for the temporary period ) in all activities of the temporary government , new committees to change the constitution , to change public and personal laws , election and political parties and association laws and others ,

2 - EWU will work to establish a secular constitution , a secular family code for all people in Egypt regardless of religion , gender , class or other ,

3 - EWU will work to raise the awareness of people to the idea : that real liberation of Egypt from external colonial and internal oppressive exploitative powers , that real democracy in Egypt cannot happen without women , without complete equality between all Egyptians regardless of gender , religion or class , without secularism and complete separation between religion and state , without eradication of absolute power in the state and in the family ,

Absolute power corrupts any individual or any group or any party in power ,

Egyptian Women`s Union

Temporary coordinator

Nawal El Saadawi



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